Booking Instructions

Easy Stress Free Steps in Booking a Wedding or Vow Renewal with Flawless Weddings & Events

Step #1 – Check Availability

The most important step of booking your wedding or vow renewal is to check for availability.

  • Select your wedding / vow renewal date: the date you have in mind
  • Select your wedding / vow renewal time: morning, afternoon or sunset etc
  • Select your venue: beach, villa, garden, hotel, or church, boat etc
  • Select your wedding / vow renewal package or customize your own package

Once all of the above is covered, Click the place a booking button on the top right hand corner of any page on our website or the bottom of this page. Fill-in all information on the form . Hit the submit button when form is completed.

Once all of the above is completed, one of our friendly staff will contact you via the contact person or email address provided to confirm if your selected date is available , once your date is available your next step would be to reserve your wedding / vow renewal date.

Step # 2 - Reserving your Date

To reserve our services, a non-refundable retainers fee for your selected or customized package is due within 3 business days. The payment can be expedited via our Pay Pal module on any page on the top right hand side of our website or can be sent via USPS, UPS or FedEx express services.

A Certified Check or United States Money Order is also acceptable forms of payment only if your wedding /vow renewal date is more than (2) months away.

Full payment of your selected package is due if the date is (1) month or less .

Reservation will be held for 3 business days pending receipt of the retainers fee. Please be advised that the final payment for your selected or customized package must be made (1) month prior to your wedding/vow renewal date.

Certified Checks or United States Money Orders are to be made out to:

Flawless Weddings & Events VI, LLC

Please note: Retainers fees are used to retain our services for YOU and turn everyone else away from your selected date. While the retainers fee is non-refundable, it is applied to the cost of your selected or customized package or is transferable and can be used for a future date.