St. Thomas Marriage License Form

Please follow these instructions carefully as the Superior Court of the Virgin Islands is very strict about the contents of these documents. These forms must be filled out entirely by the Bride & Groom. Please DO NOT abbreviate. Please note all documents should be in our office at least 30 days prior to the wedding.

To complete the forms, fill out lines 1-14b and 27a-30b at the bottom.

When you’re done, save the changes and email it as an attachment to, We will review them & submit them to the court for you.

Note: When clicking to download the Marriage license application form below, please be sure to click on both tabs at the bottom of the excel file called Application for Marriage license and the License And Certificate of Marriage form.

Both forms are required to be filled out completely, or the Marriage application will be incomplete.

Instructions on filling out the License & Certificate of Marriage form

  • Both bride & groom must fill out lines 1-14b and 27-30.
  • Please note in spaces 1 & 8a All names require first, middle & last.
  • Please note in spaces 3a and 10a COMPLETE street address & city.
  • Space 3b & 10b asks for your COUNTY, NOT COUNTRY.
  • Please note in spaces 3c and 10c the STATE AND ZIP CODE is required.
  • Please note in spaces 4a and 11a the STATE only is required.
  • Please note in spaces 4b and 11b the MONTH has to be typed out . i.e.: January 15, 1966
  • Spaces 5 & 12 require dashes in the social security number.
  • 6a, 7a, 13a & 14a: All names require first, middle & last (Maiden for female).
  • 6b, 7b, 13b, & 14b is State only (or country if born outside the US)
  • Space 8b either type your maiden last name or Same as 8a.
  • The last two lines on the page have to be filled out.

Please note the cost of the Marriage license application and certificate of marriage license application is $200.00 for regular working days Monday-Saturday or $350.00 for holidays or Sundays.

To better serve you , please fill out the order form provided.